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With age comes wrinkles! And unfortunately for Guy's your muscle structure is stronger then the lady's. If theirs options why not explore them!
With the treatment i offer 3 Areas (which are the most go too)  Crow's feet (corner of the eyes), Glabellar frown lines (between the brows) and Horizontal (forehead lines) to relax the muscles and say BYE BYE to those lines.
There is no need for numbing cream as there is minimal pain to the injection points.
It will take up to 10-14 days to see the difference and could last between 3-4 months, everybody is different.
When attending your appointment I will go through a consultation with you to discuss which areas you would like to have done and explain aftercare. A review can be carried out after 2 weeks with needed.
1 Area  -   £140
2 Areas - £180
3 Areas - £200

Botox injections reduce the Masseter muscle to shape the face (if you have a square jaw then Botox will soften the appearance creating a more roundness). Strong Masseter muscles gives a wide jaw which in turn produces a square, masculine appearance. Botox injection in the Masseter is also a cure for teeth grinding and is often recommended by dentists.


IThe depressor anguli oris muscle is a facial muscle that originates from the mandible and inserts into the angle of the mouth. It is associated with frowning, as it depresses the corners of the mouth-hence the name sad mouth.


As we age bumpy or lumpy skin on the chin can appear and this is commonly referred to as orange peel. This is a rippled or dimpled affect is caused by excessive flexing of the chin muscle. The muscle targeted - Mentalis, precise injection of botox in this area relaxes the mentalis muscle giving the chin a smoother contour


Lip wrinkles sometimes called smokers lines are little vertical lines that form on the lips . Botox injected into the obicularis oris reduces and temporary eliminates lines and wrinkles.


Gummy smile is when one smiles the lip rests high on the gum. So by relaxing the muscle with botox injected into the lavator labiisuperioris the upper lip no longer contracts or elevates as much when smiling.


Bunny lines are the lines that form around the nose when making a particular face or gesture. The action of the nasalis muscle is responsible for compressing the bridge of nose, depresses tip of nose and elevates corners of nostrils.


Botox injections into the axillary hyperhidrosis (armpit)  block the nerve signals responsible for sweating, stopping the sweat glands from producing too much sweat. 

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